EnergyGuard ZRU Primer

EnergyGuard DCC ZRU Primer is the primer for all exposure conditions.
EnergyGuard DCC ZRU Primer is a two component anti-corrosive zinc reinforced primer based on urethane resins and an accelerator for extremely fast curing for recoating.
An anticorrosive adhesion primer, suitable for steel, galvanized and aluminum structures, specially for marine and offshore purposes.
With the new patented DCC technology, a faster curing will be obtained in combination with a superior performance and enhanced productivity, without the need for heat or other catalyst.
Good adhesion on various ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. Fast curing at low temperatures. Resistant to sea and sewage water. Mechanical strength provides minimum damages risk and rework.
Can be finished with various coatings to provide durable protective coatings systems. Test report of 6.500 hours of saltspray test according ASTM 117, is available!
Before treatment
After treatment