Efficiency coatings for HVAC&R equipment

Life-Cycle Cost and Environmental Sustainability

EnergyGuard protects HVAC&R equipment with the highest standard coatings to extend the life of your investment and adds to the reliability and performance by providing long-term corrosion resistance.
EnergyGuard services reduce operating-, servicing- and replacement costs.
EnergyGuard services are accountable not only commercially but also for adapting technology appropriate to a more sustainable world.
Through rejuvenation, existing equipment can be serviced on location and brought back near to original performance standards.
At the same time EnergyGuard coatings effect into lifetime extension.
New equipment can be serviced in-house or on location.

Anti-microbal qualifications

The EnergyGuard option for anti-microbal qualities of our coatings contribute to healthy green buildings by preventing fungi, mildew, bacteria and algae to build up in addition to energy saving and lifecycle extension.

Quality Control

EnergyGuard coatings are applied only by EnergyGuard certified technicians working with specific EnergyGuard standards and training. The EnergyGuard product is guaranteed via the patented DCC process and is produced exclusively for EnergyGuard by Baril Coatings.

Baril Coatings is an ISO certified company with worldwide facilities and 80 years of experience. Through an extensive research and development program they support the EnergyGuard Products.