Technology partner


We are glad to announce that EnergyGuard signed an exclusive agreement with DCC BV for delivery and developing the EnergyGuard products.

DCC BV corporation is owner of the new patented DCC paint technology.
DCC stands for energysavings (cold cure), reduction of VOC emission (high solids), reduction of CO2 (thin film technology), improved performance (better corrosion and UV resistance), easy application and quick drying (economical savings).
The innovative DCC coating technology provides a hybrid curing system that combines physical drying and fast chemical curing with slow moisture curing coating technologies.
DCC offers a better adhesion to the substrate, thin film protection, super fast curing, superb corrosion resistance, high economics.

By using this new technology for their products EnergyGuard meets the new EU VOC regulations.

DCC BV will be responsible for all actual and future developments. Exclusive production of these coatings will be carried out by Baril Coatings. They have production facilities in Holland and the USA.