Production partner

Baril Coatings BV is the exclusive production partner for all coatings of the EnergyGuard corporation.
Baril develops, manufactures and supplies coatings. Their strength is the combination of expertise and advanced production facilities.

They develop and test new products in their laboratories; tailor made products that fulfill our requirements and are more durable and efficient. As far as Baril is concerned, the standards are extremely high and they never stand still.
Baril believes in - and promises 'sustainable solutions in coatings'.
For Baril, sustainability means no less than saving energy, efficiency, and the environment. They produce superior coatings for EnergyGuard.

All EnergyGuard coatings place a minimum strain on the environment, are low on VOC's or VOC free and are safe for people and the environment.

The EnergyGuard and Baril combination offers high industrial efficiency with durable protection, easy application and balanced mechanical characteristics. They are the result of continuous research & development and are produced under sustainable conditions. For example, at Baril they constantly monitor their CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Due to advanced equipment, they are able to manufacture quickly and with a minimum of waste. Baril's strategic policy is based on corporate social responsibility.
Baril exceeds all current international standards and is ISO certified.

Baril has production facilities in Holland and the USA.